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Specializing in Real Estate Photography

Specular Edge Photography specializes in Architectural Photography in the Denver Metro area. I understand the importance of a quality image to help generate interest in a property. I produce high-quality images for Commercial and Residential Real Estate both interior and exterior shots. But it doesn't stop there I do work for Developers, Property Managers, Landlords, Contractors, Construction Groups, Patio & Deck Companies, Landscapers, Interior Designers and Advertising Agencies. To sum it up I captures images that have anything to do with photographing a building or home.

I have many years of photographic experience and over the years I fine-tuned my Architectural style to provide you with high quality images to showcase your buildings or homes. I use high end camera equipment along with detailed post processing of your images. 

I use only available light along with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) process. HDR (High Dynamic Range) captures multiple images and merges them together to present a full range of light values.

Email me at  Jim@specularedge.photography

Phone 720-988-9353